Within our 15+ years of experience on software and web development market, we optimized and perfected our development process to achieve excellent results always on time.

1. Discovery and Research

The process starts from a conversation. We listen to our client carefully, take notes and try to understand the goals that need to be achieved.
Then we do some research. Usually we analyze the market, the competitors, existing technical solutions, etc.

2. Evaluation and Planning

When we have full understanding of what needs to be done, we start evaluating and planning the technical solution of the project.
We decide what kind and how much resources we need to allocate and how long each stage of development will take.
Of course we confirm the detailed plan with the client and move on to the development itself.

2. Development and Maintenance

After having the plan ready and confirmed by the client, we start the development process.
Usually we work with small 1-2 weeks iterations and report to the client on every update. So the client always knows where we are and what we are currently working on.
After the product is finalized and launched, we do the maintenance and monitoring to see how it performs.

Need a website? Drop us a line!

It all starts with a conversation.
If you’re thinking about creating a website or you already have a website you want to make some changes to, let us know.
We will get back to you to discuss the project in more details.